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December 12, 2020
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February 25, 2021

Field Officer in Koplik, Malesi e Madhe – TOR



Field Officer

Project Donor: Supported by Deutsche Gesellschaft für Internationale Zusammenarbeit (GIZ) GmbH, part of “Returning to New Opportunities Programme” of the German Federal Ministry for Economic Cooperation and Development (BMZ).


Project Title: “Returning to New Opportunities in Malesi e Madhe“

Objective: To better socio-economically reintegrate 30 returnee families and 30 families from marginalized groups in Malesi e Madhe.



The organisation CoDe Albania-COHERENT DEVELOPMENT ALBANIA, in framework of the project “Returning to New Opportunities in Malesi e Madhe”, supported by Deutsche Gesellschaft für Internationale Zusammenarbeit (GIZ) GmbH, part of “Returning to New Opportunities Programme” of the German Federal Ministry for Economic Cooperation and Development (BMZ).seeks to contract a Field Officer in Koplik, Malesi e Madhe.

The project will support the returnees and jobseekers from marginalized groups to reach the local services, and for those who are seeking for job qualification will provide accompaniment to reach the local market, and also to enable psycho-social support for the socio reintegration. Considering that the socio-economic reintegration is a process, it requires a holistic approach and a strategic local partnership, in order to accelerate the reintegration process by ensuring to returnees a rapid and appropriate reintegration into the community and the labor market. The project will also involve the main key local stakeholders during the project life aiming the institutional commitment and activating local synergies at local level, aiming the long term sustainability of the project.


Expected results of the project:

  • 40 returnee jobseekers and other jobseekers from local population have theoretical and practical knowledge on soft skills.
  • 30 returnees and other jobseekers have received job orientation consultancy, by having a job profile based on market research, and have ensured a direct matching related to their skills with available vacancies and specific job positions requirements;
  • 12 unemployed in the area have received adequate expertise related to business plan development, linkages to the local market and networking; mentoring in compliance with skills deficit to reach the local market, support for start-up promotion or even for scaling up their business.
  • 10 returnees/job seekers, have got 3-month job training close to tourism and public services, increasing the their employability chances.
  • 10 beneficiaries (5 returnees and 5 from the local population) have attended 3-months vocational courses, filling the gap of being under qualified or having low work based skills, enhancing the job opportunities in the job market.
  • Overall 20 returnees and other local jobseekers (50% returnees and 50% from local population) came into employment over 14 months of project implementation period.



  • The assigned person will be contracted as Field Officer in Malesi e Madhe regarding the contribution in implementing of project activities in accordance with the project working plan, in cooperation with the Project Officer and Reintegration Advisor;
  • Maintaining contacts with local institutions and stakeholders, such as: Municipality, Social Services, Employment Office, Public Health institutions, Education Office, business community, local NGO’s;
  • Identifying and supporting returnee families regarding the process of receiving services from local institutions and local advisory centers;
  • Identifying, informing and orienting the jobseekers into the process of qualification and integration into the job market, by supporting the process of ensuring a direct matching of jobseekers skills with available vacancies and specific job positions requirements;
  • Providing career guidance and job orientation consultancy, advising further high qualification and/or coaching for job interviews, application documents‘ development;
  • Case management, in referring the individual or family to receive social and health services at specialized institutions;
  • The Field Officer must dedicate his/her working hour to the project and be available to accomplish his/her assignment within the of timeframe of 14 months of project implementation.


Place of assignment:

Malesi e Madhe, Albania

Criteria, qualifications and experiences:

  • Bachelor and/or Master Degree on Social Sciences or Economic and experience in the field of social sciences or economics; or/and labour market research (optional).
  • It is an advantage to have experience in cooperation with national and/or international entities operating in the field of migration, socio-economic inclusion, employment and social policies for marginalized groups.
  • Preferable to have good skills in social research methods i.e. interviews with decision makers, returnees and/or marginalized groups, data gathering and/or analysis, etc.
  • Preferable to have knowledge in returnees rights, migration legal framework, returnees situation and challenges;
  • Be able to work independently, considering the challenges of the work;
  • Good skills in counseling, communication and social skills;
  • Good skills in English Language.

Terms of assignment:

  • Availability to complete the required assignment within the specified timeframe of 14 months of project implementation;
  • Availability and expertise to assist and support the target group until the achievement of the objective of the project;
  • Maintaining the confidentiality of data that may be generated or disclosed during the provision of required consulting process with the target-group;
  • Submission of the monthly timesheet, and any other supporting documentation, that will be required to verify the efficiency of the required assignments.


Application criteria:

The following documentation must be submitted by February 5, 2021, at the official e-mail address of CoDe Albania, info@codealbania.org

  • CV;
  • Letter of interest, describing the competencies to perform the required assignments,
  • Details of the contacts of the last 2-3 references;
  • The application must be submitted in English language.
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