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July 13, 2020
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September 10, 2020

External Expert on Public Health

Project Donor: GIZ, PaCT

Project contract number: 83360483

Project Title: Integrated and systematic approach in shelters for (potential) victims of trafficking in human beings.

Objective: To improve the situation of (potential) victims of human trafficking in shelters in Albania, being focused on COVID-19 pandemic spread prevention and improving access to and quality of support services.



The organisation CoDe Albania-COHERENT DEVELOPMENT ALBANIA, in the framework of the project, with funding from GIZ, PaCT, seeks to contract an external expert on public health. The project during the first phase (September-December 2020), will be focused on supporting the centers that provides services to (potential) victims of trafficking in human beings in two areas of the country, training the centers’ personnel on measures to prevent the spread of the pandemic COVID -19, as well as providing assistance in implementing the safety protocol adopted from the Ministry of Health and other prevention measures.

Required service

  • Providing expertise regarding the implementation of the safety protocol and the application of protective measures in residential centers for (potential) victims of trafficking in human beings, through paying visits once a month in 2 centers, in Tirana and Vlora.
  • Paying visits to the centers, preferably according to the following dates:
  • 24-25 September 2020; 22-23 October 2020; 19-20 November 2020; 10-11 December 2020
  • 1-day training of the staff of 2 centers, regarding the application of protection measures in accordance with the safety protocol, adopted from the MoH. The training will be conducted online, due to the limitations dictated by the measures taken to prevent the spread of the COVID-19 pandemic. The training will be carried out on 5-6 September 2020.
  • The external expert must provide the required service during the period

22/09/ 2020- 18/12/2020.

  • The required service will enable contracting the external expert in full compliance with the legal requirements in force, referring to the obligations for withholding tax, 15%.
  • The expert must submit the work report, at the end of the service, articulating some of the findings and recommendations regarding the safeguards for a quality service and in accordance with safety protocols for staff who provides service in the centers but also for service recipients.

Expected results:

  • The staff that manages each center is assisted related to the efficient application of the safety protocol, approved by the MoH, shares the problems and is guided towards more effective protective measures, responding to the context within the centers of (potential) victims of trafficking in human beings.
  • The staff that provides the services in the centers has gained theoretical knowledge through participation in the on line 1 day training, getting more information on how to protect and reduce the chances of infection from Corona virus.

Place of assignment:

Tirana and Vlora, Albania

Criteria, qualifications and experiences:

  • Master on public health and at least 9 years of experience or PhD and at least 5 years of experience on public health.
  • Experience in cooperation with international and national organizations operating in the field of health care, or that have developed programs focused on protecting the health of the population.
  • Expertise in capacity building programs of service providers as well as in particularity in trainings or information sessions related to the COVID-19 pandemic.
  • Excellent skills in training, consulting and reporting.

Terms of service:

  • Availability to meet the required service within defined periods.
  • Availability and expertise to assist and support the management groups of the centers, the staff as well as the service recipients in the designated centers.
  • Maintaining confidentiality and privacy in visits to centers or obtaining information regarding the beneficiaries of services in centers for the protection of (potential) victims of trafficking in human beings.
  • Submission of the timesheet, and any other support documents, that will be required to verify the timely and efficient delivery of the required service, as well as to verify the time specified in the offer with the real time invested to perform the service.

Application criteria:

The following documentation must be submitted by September 17, 2020, at 16:00, to the official e-mail address of CoDe Albania,

  • CV;
  • Letter of interest, describing the competencies to perform the required service,
  • Details of the contacts of the last 3 references, regarding the development of similar services in the provision of consulting,
  • Copies of reports and studies conducted,
  • The total budget and the respective costs for the working days should include the withholding tax.
  • The budget should be presented separately for each service provider, in case more than 1 expert will be involved in performing the required service.
  • The application must be submitted in English language.
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